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Start your development today

Using 360 to measure behaviours and culture.

Several 360 tools in the market give you the chance to measure general leadership behaviours . Behaviours that, according to a theory, is the “right” set of behaviors. Using these tools might not serve the purpose that you are looking for because behaviors that create optimal conditions for people to perform are different due to organsiational culture.

Another challenge is that today people don’t have time to fill in lengthy questionnaires – Some general 360 tools include more than 100 questions.

So what are we after – A tool with limited number of questions and therefore a tool with questions that address the behaviors that have the highest strategic impact for your business case, without these behaviours you will not meet your target.

 Identifying the culture includes:

  • Identifying strategically important behaviours
  • Identifying current behaviors and the ones that you want to keep and the ones you want to replace
  • Tailor make questions
  • Group them in to relevant competencies

The behaviours of the leaders

“You can’t implement a culture you can’t live yourself”

When assigning new positions it will be more critical to find the leaders with the right behaviours and potential to grow than using the old management in new positions. The balance should be linked to your desired state.

Enjoy your learning journey – Stay in tune and make sure you sustain your ability to deliver high quality work in your current and future position. Lastly – don’t expect and wait for someone else to do it for you.

Peter Lysell