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FeedbackOnline 360°


FeedbackOnline is a web-based 360 degree questionnaire tool, designed to be used as a process companion to serious performance management initiatives, addressing the effectiveness of individuals, teams and organisations. We provide a user friendly solution, with no software installation or technical expertise required.

Identify leadership potential
Identify strengths and development needs
Create a culture of open feedback


Engage your employees in self development with the help of 360° feedback.

Competency Frameworks

Complete competency frameworks are available for selection including; Coaching, Change Management & Leadership. Or the 360° questionnaire can be tailor-made, by using your own statements or by using a selection of our standard statements.


FeedbackOnline 360° software is available to users in various languages and can be customised easily for other languages as and when required. Languages supported: Danish, Dutch, Chinese, English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Russian, Spanish, and Swedish.

Cost Effective

FeedbackOnline not only provides a cost effective solution for both individuals and organisations, it can also engage participants in a revealing and dynamic feedback process that is excellent for self-development and career planning.

What our Clients say:

“I have, with the help of the 360 degree process, realised how others see me and have used that knowledge to begin to adjust my behaviours within the management team and externally with customers.”


“I was in need of clear feedback and direction – The 360 degree process was much needed and has given me some valuable feedback and thus a solid direction in my development.”


“Great to see the actual feedback from the 360 degree process – what a great tool to be able to utilise in my interactions with those I work with!”




Peter’s vivid interest in what motivates and drives people’s performance, took him from organic chemistry into the area of people chemistry instead.

SHIRLEY LANE - Project Manager

Shirley comes from an international publishing background with a wealth of experience in Sales, Marketing, Administration, IT, and Project Coordination.

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