360 Degree Feedback

WHY 360?

By participating in a 360 degree evaluation, feedback can be obtained that helps individuals to see how they are perceived by others in terms of their skills, communications, and perceived strengths and weaknesses.

360 degree feedback creates individualised development plans. Individuals taking part in 360 degree evaluations gain knowledge and understanding about how others may see them. Teams can benefit from increased communication between team members, higher levels of trust and clearer communication as causes of conflict can be identified.

The 360 Degree Process

Tailor-Made Vs. Off-The-Shelf

Decide just how much customisation you are going to need for your 360 degree process or whether you will choose from our standard library of statements and competency frameworks.

Who Will Administrate?

Do you need support to administrate and monitor your 360 process? Our admin support means that you can focus your time elsewhere.

Participant Control Panel

The participants can take control of their own 360 process via our easy to use participant area, where they can select raters, send out invitations and also send reminders.


Our results are designed so that they can easily be interpreted on an individual level. Team and organisational reports are also available.


Engage your employees in self development with the help of 360 feedback. Empower them to take charge of their own development by identifying their strengths and development areas.


Discover your company’s culture and communication patterns. Motivate teams and individuals with powerful analytics and action planning.


Eliminate biases when giving and receiving feedback by focusing on development. Take charge of development with the help of our easy to use self-assessment and feedback tool